Truckers Travel Cage 14″x11″x24″


If you are truck driver or travel in an RV, with your sugar Glider, this cage is for you…

Due to shipping requirements, please contact Steve Directly to order this item.  (214) 536-7525


Sugar Gliders are becoming the pet of choice for over the road truck drivers.  They are very easy to travel with and as always, are the best of companion pets.  We designed this cage for truck drivers that want to have a cage mounted in the sleeper, but want more room than our small collapsible travel cage.  Many others find this cage to be just right for them as well.  RV travelers like this cage for their on the road use.  It is easy to pick up and move, and takes up little space while giving adequate space for the gliders to play.  Just take some Glider grub and Vita Glider with you and pick up your fruits and veggies at the salad bars.