Sugar Glider Starter Kit


This is the starter kit that goes with all of our gliders that are going to new homes. It includes all of the things we consider essential to the health of the baby sugar glider. The Kit includes a heat rock, instructional cd, a good Sugar Glider book, food, vitamins, a feed dishe, & a water bottle.


We insist on selling this starter kit whenever someone buys their first Sugar Glider from us.  It has all of the products and information needed to get off on the right start with their glider.  It comes with a CD in Steve’s voice which itemizes everything you need to know the day you get your baby so that you don’t make any serious mistakes in the raising, feeding, bonding, and loving of your glider.  It also comes with a great book on Sugar Gliders.  Also included is a food dish, a water bottle, a heat rock (for keeping your baby warm while it’s body is small).  Also included is a two month supply of the dry food (Glider Grub), and a two months supply of Vita Glider.  After listening to the CD the next thing to do is read all of the posts on this website and you will be well equipped to raise your new gliders.